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Trading Places Trading Places

Rated 3 / 5 stars


what happened?!?!?! It started out seeming normal with some humor, and then... did LSD kick in?

Its a great "regular" voice and the Candy van man was awesome.

Not sure if it's something you are looking for but you can get some SFX from

I'd rate it higher but the consistency went out the window, for humor though its like an 8.

SirKillington responds:

Yeah, it was somethin' I did real quick in one go playing everyone at the same time. I don't really like the idea of a script so I was just making it up. It was fun to do but I think people are really going to see this as off putting. I'm working on a better one though in the meantime, should be pretty good. Check out my other audio submits, they are a lot better and thanks for the review.

Delia Spam Mail Delia Spam Mail

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Life of way

Your voice has a great sound! And you record it well. It also had a nice pace!

The character needs a little bit more consistency to me, What i mean by that is some of the things you say don't sound like the same voice in other parts that you say in this piece.

Also at :47 you switched the written word for "life of way"

I liked it!

Barry The Basehead Barry The Basehead

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This is pretty funny! Did you get an A?

Nice writing, you could be the drug addled Dr. Seuss for the ghetto childens.

the recording is a little poor, your mic doesn't seem up to the challenge.

Overall i like it but it could use some polish 6/10 3/5

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ChrisThePaladin1993 responds:

Thanks for the review! My mic is actually my camera. I record myself saying the lines, and then convert it to a mp3 file. I'm working on buying a real mic though.

...Is This Thing On? ...Is This Thing On?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I really enjoy the depth of your voice, a deep trembling slightly raspy (of course Spike from Cowboy Bebop [Steven Blum] comes to mind) that has a nice clarity to it.

I'm got really excited when I saw that you were using that Mic, I did some research and picked on up myself a while back but have been sick and have had no use for it yet. what kind of recording program do you use?

Gianni responds:

I use Audacity, there's probably a better way to do things, but this has worked well for me so far. The thing I'll tell you about the Yeti (or any microphone I guess) is that you'll have to toy with the gain dial on the microphone, the input volume within Audacity, and your actual distance from the mic in order to get the sound just right without causing audio distortion, or inexplicably muffled lines.

By Audacity I mean the beta for 1.3. The other one was crashing on me all the time, but the beta works great.

One tip I'll give you with Audacity, which confused the hell out of me, is that the input volume, when you slide the little slider thing, it won't save unless you're recording WHILE you slide it. You'll slide it, then when you hit record it'll go right back to where it was.

I also use Noise Removal, and often Amplify on lines which were just too quiet. I use Normalize too sometimes, but Normalize is just going to take your volume down. Taking the volume down is really only useful for me if I go too far with the Amplify feature, because if a recording was "too loud", often that means that I had audio distortion as well, and I just have to fiddle with the input volume and record again. The audio distortion crap you get on loud shouting lines, or as most folks call it, "audio clipping", can't really be fixed easily to my understanding, so it's best just to record the line again.

You probably already know all this stuff, but if you're like me, you did a little bit of reading on the topic of voice acting, then you said to yourself "Well fuck it, screw manuals!", and then just jumped into it head first. These few little tips I figured out on my own by playing with buttons, so I figured I'd share them. I have no idea what I'm doing though, so it could be totally the wrong way to do things.

Thank you very much for the compliment! I keep getting related to Steve Blum, which for me is awesome because I could listen to that guy talk all day. I look forward to hearing work from you!